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** You will need to live in the East Tennessee/Knoxville area, preferably Blount County to become a part of our professional sales team as a Sales Representative. **

This is a recession proof career position, with an ever-increasing demand. This increase in demand allows us to seek and train potential reps such as yourself. Once you understand your position and have worked at it for a year or more, you will make even more money over time. You will be able to give yourself raises as your ability increases and grows.

Company sales representatives make an average hourly rate of $14 to $20 an hour or more. This is a career position, our company does not face layoffs and we are a recession proof business! We are only looking for serious/caring people to join our team! The average income of our reps is $30,000 to $60,000. Excalibur Knoxville provides weekly training to help insure your success in your new career. No Experience Necessary! Sales Experience is a plus or working with emergency services. This is a wonderful time to become a part of our growing company. An extensive background check will be required. Drug Test may be requested for employment. You must own a good working cell phone and your automobile must be in good working order. You must have car insurance and valid driver's license. You cannot be hired if you have any felonies or theft/fighting misdemeanors. You must be 21 years old, to respond to this unique opportunity. If you are interested, in what we have to offer and are willing to work hard to get what your worth, then Get Started Today by continuing to fill out this online application!

Requirements for Sales Representative Position

The company sales representative position will require you to knock on all homeowner's doors in the area you are assigned for each sponsor the company works. The more contacts you make, the more you will help to save lives and make more money along the way. We are looking for serious/caring people, willing and able to work in all types of weather, persistent and of good moral character. You must also be in good physical condition to perform your job properly. We provide weekly in the field or classroom training, as needed, to help insure your success in your new career, and although previous door-to-door experience can be helpful, it is not a prerequisite for employment as a company sales representative. The Company Sales Representative position is full time position only. Candidates must care about others and be willing to work hard for a nice paycheck. This opportunity requires that you own a reliable front wheeled or four-wheeled transportation vehicle. Minimal startup costs include your purchase of supplies such as paper clips, rubber bands, pens, highlighters, map, and a clipboard. After your first month with our company, you will be expected to buy "511 Tactical" pants and shorts. Your cap, shirts and sweatshirts will be provided. You must also own a cell phone from a major carrier with adequate coverage to work as a company sales representative. Communication skills are a must with this position and good handwriting written skills also. Due to the nature of our work as a sales representative, a background check will be required and a drug test may be required for employment. This must be done in order to protect our company, our sponsors, our communities, and others 'on the road'.

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