By joining our team, you will be working with us to help save lives, to assist our local communities with the funds they need, and to aid in creating better community awareness of the services provided by their volunteer emergency services. Helping them might actually save a family member’s life or your own life one day.  Our organization treats each employee as part of something bigger than we are, because you will become a part of a team of people making a real difference in East Tennessee!  Help your family and yourself, while helping to save lives in East Tennessee.

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What We Can Offer You

    1) A rewarding position in helping others and helping to save lives

    2) A respectable income

    3) Superior Sales Training during your career with us

    4) Develop a better understanding of emergency services

    5) Learn what it means for us to have Volunteers

    6) Personnel Growth through helping others

    7) Help in becoming a more productive member of society

               "Your Success is our success."

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What You Will Offer Us

    1) Reliable transportation, vehicle must be in good working order

    2) Be bondable, no felonies, a background check will be required

    3) Honesty, open mindedness, and willingness to help others

    4) Be teachable, trainable, and willing to learn new ideas

    5) You must have a cell phone and have it with you at all times

    6) A clean cut appearance and good attitude

    7) 21 years or older

    8) Desire and determination

    9) Work hard to succeed

    10) Follow the rules and be a team player

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Get Started Today!

    1) You will need to provide us with your employment history and contact information by phone, email, or on the Contact Us page of this website.

    2) If you contact us by phone, make sure that you speak clearly and loud enough to for us to understand your contact information.

    3) Your information will be screened by one of our professionals and if you qualify or you are selected, you will be contacted for an interview.

    4) When your interview is scheduled, be on time and bring a note pad.

    5) Plan on giving yourself 2 to 3 hours to fully understand this wonderful opportunity.  All your questions will be answered before you leave.

    6) After the interview if you are selected for further evaluation, a field training day will be scheduled.  Your training day will consist of you shadowing one of our professionals, observing what they do and how they collect money for our Rescue Squads and Fire Departments.  You will work a full 8 hour day.  We want to see if you can do what we do.  You will see how it all works.

    7) At the end of your day you will call the Area Manager and tell him what you think about this unique opportunity.

    8) If you are selected after training day.  You will need to meet back with the Area Manager who interviewed you, so you can be setup to start making money immediately.

    9) You will continue to be trained and developed into a professional.

    10) You will become a part of the Excalibur Knoxville family.

You must live in the East Tennessee area to become a part of something that is truly special and unique to us. CLICK HERE TO APPLY NOW or Call 865.357.6583 Today.

This is a Full Time position.  Only serious people who care about others and are willing to work hard for a nice paycheck need to apply to this opportunity.  Minimal startup costs include your purchase of supplies such as paper clips, rubber bands, pens, highlighters, and a clipboard.  After your first month with company, you will pay the at-cost price for your pants and shorts.

Start a new life, a new career and CALL TODAY!

You could be up and running in 1 week.  Keep in mind that it will take some time to learn to maximize your potential.