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Excalibur Knoxville

Company History

     Excalibur Knoxville specializes in raising funds for volunteer organizations of all sizes. The Administrator and Owner has been involved in fundraising since 2001 and an Area Manager since 2003.  He was a top fundraiser for Excalibur in the field, setting many records. He now trains and manages a highly-trained, veteran crew that continues to break fundraising records year after year.

     "I have learned over the years, what to look for and what to do to raise money during difficult times.  I have a system that has proven to be successful for all those who will give us a chance to prove ourselves.  We have exceeded all the expectations of our clients by completing drives in record breaking time, raising more money than they thought possible, and helping each of our clients to become stronger in their communities. We have truly helped many volunteer organizations in their mission to save property and lives. 

      You just sit back and relax while the money rolls in.  How much easier could it be?  Isn’t this the way it should be done?  You work a full time job, sacrificing your time and life for others.  How could you possibly have even more time to raise money needed for your department?  We don’t think so!  Door to Door methods have always been used and have proven to be a long term success for any organization.  Match this up with a great team and an experienced leader, and it has success written all over it!"

What We Do

  • We will meet with you and your department to discuss and explain our proven methods for success.

  • If you are interested in proceeding, we will discuss and sign a mutually beneficial contract. You will need to know the number of houses you cover in your service area.  This helps us to provide a possible guaranteed dollar amount for your contract.  Note: We will need your house count or a close estimate during or hopefully, before our meeting with you.

  • We will set a date to do your drive and talk about your service area/boundaries.

  • We will begin work at our agreed time and date, provided that all necessary solicitation permits are in place.  These permits, if needed, are part of the Fire or Rescue Squads’ contract.

  • When we begin the drive, we meet with our crew at your Squad or Fire Department's main building. Crew members are continuously trained throughout our work with your organization, met with in order to gather turn-ins, and kept informed of current events at your Squad or Hall twice weekly. In addition, they are motivated, encouraged to continue to do their very best, and informed of any issues that need to be addressed during your drive to raise as many funds for you as possible.

  • We will notify local law enforcement of our professionals’ names, vehicle descriptions, and vehicle tag numbers.  This helps us to be validated at your community homeowners’ doors, and to eliminate any possible imposters.  Also, this helps us to raise as much as possible, thus helping to insure a successful drive.

  • We will knock on 100% of your homeowners’ doors, contacting 80% of your service area and building public relations for your organization by reiterating what services are provided to the community. While at all doors, we will use experience, knowledge, and proven techniques to raise more money - all the time maintaining a professional appearance at every door.

  • We will do your drive in fastest possible time, covering your entire service area.

  • We will respect your squad or fire departments reputation, each homeowner, and their property.

  • Most importantly, we will do your drive honestly and professionally, using years of experience and good character. We understand how critical this money is to your organization's survival. With hard work and whole-hearted belief in the volunteer spirit, we will represent what your department stands for.

Why We Do It

    The Rescue Squads and Fire Departments are getting less and less money each year due to various county projects all over Tennessee.  More efforts are being put into our schools, roads, and new construction each year.  This is mostly caused by cutbacks and not enough money to go around.  So, if volunteer squads and fire departments don’t seek alternative methods that are effective, then they might suffer with outdated or broken equipment and fewer new members.  We do not want this to happen to your organization so; we have a plan for you.  We can help you be fully funded, equipped and trained while you can help us to make a living.  What a perfect plan, we help each other!

    We recognize and respect our Rescue Squads and Fire Depts.  We believe in you and what you stand for - the sacrifices you make, the tragedies you have to live with, and the precious memories of the joy in being responsible for saving a life.

How This Benefits You

      If your organization needs help with more funds to operate day-to-day, buy new equipment, maintain equipment, training, or for building repairs - then you have to do something different when all other methods are no longer working.  It is important to us that this website helps you to be more informed and to make the best choice.  Hard economic times demand that you make the best possible decision. 

      So much depends on your organization, because lives are at stake. We would consider it an honor to help you to save more lives, to help keep the “Volunteer Spirit” alive and strong.  A quick phone call, email or fax will start the process, with no obligation. Click here to view our "contact us" page. 

     Also, please click our "references" and “what we do” links to find out the proven steps that we perform for other organizations every day, to help them meet their financial needs.   If you decide to use the services of Excalibur Knoxville, the process of change will take place.  We at Excalibur Knoxville are committed to our obligation to support our volunteer fire and rescue squads.  We can help you to make a difference in your community!