We at Excalibur Knoxville, consider educating our communities to be a very important part of our mission to help create an understanding of how much our Volunteer’s mean to each of us.  You see most people don’t understand that without our Volunteer Fire & Rescue Squads, we would be paying higher taxes, in which many people just could not afford!  Of course, this would mean paid services for all of us, but consider this, where would this money come from our school systems, road improvements, new building construction, taxes, county, or state budgets?  Our great state of Tennessee and every other state in our nation are struggling to find money to put toward needed industries to provide jobs and to help all of us to have a better quality of life.  Government does its best to make the best possible decisions for us on a daily basis. 

     We must work together to solve our problems and with us at Excalibur Knoxville, it starts with door-to-door and county-to-county.  It is our hope that we can make a difference in this world of ours by doing something about it.  You may have never heard this before but it goes like this: There are 3 types of people in this world; those that let things happen, those that watch things happen, and those that make things happen.  Which one are you?  We believe that the principles of neighbor helping neighbor, hard work & determination, and faith in God mean something to us.  We cannot just stand by and let our “Volunteer Spirit” die!  Especially, when we live in the Volunteer State, I want my daughter to know that it takes a special person to risk it all to serve others.

      So, this page of our website is to let our communities that support their Volunteer Fire & Rescue Squads in our service area of East Tennessee.  Know where their money and support has went and that you have helped your local Fire & Rescue Squads to continue their missions in saving lives and putting out fires.  It is your sacrifice of giving what you can and from the heart, allows our Volunteer Fire & Rescue Squads to continue their sacrifice in serving others and risking it all to make a difference.  It is as the Bible says: “What shall it profit a man, if he should gain the whole world and yet in the end lose his soul.” 

      Your money has helped to keep your Volunteer Fire & Rescue Squads going.  The money may have been used to operate their department, maintain equipment, buy new equipment, or some specialized training needed as our conditions around us change, to meet the changes in times.  Through team work, Excalibur Knoxville and our communities support, we can help the Volunteers to survive these unstable times, but we must work together! 

      Please, realize that if you see us at your door it is serious, meaning all other efforts of fundraising have been exhausted and there is no other way but to come to your door and ask you face to face for your help.  It is hard for us at Excalibur Knoxville to do what we do day in day out.  We fight dogs, scary situations of not knowing what might be happening behind the door that we are knocking on, meth houses (once discovered working with law enforcement to remove them from our communities), catching people at bad times in the day, going up and down bad driveways tearing up our vehicles to contact someone.  We drive from 1 to 2 hours one way to work most of our jobs for our Volunteer Fire & Rescue Squads service area.   We make our living off of helping our Volunteers and they continue their missions because we help to bring their communities together.  “We need our Volunteers, they need us, and Volunteers need the support of their local communities.”  “We need each other.”  “We are our brother’s keeper!”

     We at Excalibur Knoxville have helped our Volunteer Fire & Rescue Squads stay strong and not close their doors as many have done around us, in areas we do not service.  SO, PLEASE HELP YOUR LOCAL VOLUNTEER FIRE & RESCUE SQUADS, WHEN YOU SEE US AT YOUR DOOR!  Watch the pictures above (we will be adding more photo’s over time to help our communities to know, they have made a difference) and see what we have accomplished together in East Tennessee. $6,000,000 million dollars has been raised over the years and how many lives have been saved or have been positively affected by our wonderful Volunteer Fire & Rescue Squads?  They give so much for so little, do your part and support your Volunteers!