Our Mission Statement:

Mission Statement

     Excalibur Knoxville has raised over 6 million dollars for equipment since 2001 under the supervision of the founder and present-day owner. Excalibur Knoxville has a veteran crew, some of which are squad members themselves, along with active military personnel.

     In 2008, we shattered every record of Excalibur Sales and Marketing for accounts worked, record weeks, record days, and Rescue Squad / Fire Department record years. These records were all accomplished during high gas prices, and with a falling economy. In addition, a total of $365,000 dollars was raised to fund annual operations and emergency equipment costs for our Rescue Squads and Fire Departments, for the year of 2008.  We continue year after year to beat all previous year’s records since 2008, in a struggling economy.

     Excalibur Knoxville also set many new standards for the year of 2008. We are the number one company in entire East Tennessee area. Excalibur Knoxville has continued to dominate East Tennessee year after year. We’ve even had Chiefs and Assistant Chiefs participate in our training sessions held weekly for the year of 2008 and on. They all agree that our training and hard work is unbelievable and the best they have ever seen.

     We encourage you to contact any of our references listed on our reference page. If your organization is in need of help, and your methods are no longer working in generating the maximum dollar, you need to move toward the future and make the decision to do what will generate the maximum dollar. What could you do for your organization if you had $10,000 to $60,000 more to work with this year? 

    Don’t risk your community impression and years of service by allowing just anybody to do your drive, especially without checking them out first. We know that it just takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch. So, please don’t let your first time be your last, and give up.

     If you have never used Excalibur Knoxville as your fundraising company, you could be making a huge mistake!  We have taken the extra expense of having and paying for this website to help you make better choices. We are the best at what we do and continue with ongoing training to stay the best. Our hope is that whoever you decide to use for your fundraising company, that you conduct thorough research beforehand for the sake of your organization. Not all fundraising companies are the same. We are registered with the state of Tennessee and are bonded. We follow and operate by the rules!

     Finally, we encourage you to not let another year go by and say, “maybe next year I’ll do something different to help my community" - especially with how uncertain things are in today’s economy. We all need every dollar possible to just get by these days with all the cutbacks and higher prices. Couldn’t you use a few extra thousands of dollars to help your community or department?