EMS Prayer
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  • As I perform my duty, Lord
    Whatever be the call,
    Help to guide and keep me safe
    Whatever be the call.

  • I want to serve and do my best
    No matter what the scene,
    I pledge to keep my skills refined,
    My judgement quick and keen.

  • This calling to give of my self
    Most do not understand,
    But I stand ready all the time
    To help my fellow man.

  • To have the chance to help a child
    Restore his laugh with glee,
    A word of thanks I might not hear,
    But knowing is enough for me.

  • The praise of men is fine for some,
    But I feel truly blessed,
    That you, oh Lord, have chosen me
    To serve in EMS!

     Thank you
for taking time out of your busy day to consider us for your annual drive or fundraising event.  We want all rescue squads and fire deptartments to have the very best equipment, operational funds, community support and public relations. We want them to know that there are people who care.  We want our children to know what it means to have those special people who volunteer, risking it all for us each and every day.  We want to make sure that the "Volunteer Spirit" never dies.  So, we want to help you to stay around and do our part to make sure that you stay in the business of saving lives.  You give so much, while many give back so little.  We can change this through hard work and good leadership.  Increasing your bottom line is how we can help each other.

     Thank you for what you do and the sacrifice that you and your department make each day to help others and to save lives.  We appreciate what you stand for, and we are thankful that you are there for us.  God bless you and your families!

     Finally, we want to also thank those of you who are considering changing careers for taking the time to look at making a difference in other people’s lives.  An opportunity like this may knock only once in your life!  The question is will you answer it?

***** Contact us today and begin the process of change! *****


The Excalibur Knoxville Team